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Disney Guest Tutor

Celina Yiu

Piano Instructor

Piano Adventure Class Instructor 

MuShakes Class Instructor


Music has always been my interest and music education is treated as my lifelong career. Having participated in various external music performances, exams and competitions as well as having been a pianist for the school choir throughout my secondary school life, I was provided with a solid platform to polish musicality and to translate my expressiveness into music, touching people’s hearts.  After receiving Distinction in ATCL from Trinity College as well winning several champions from Music Festivals, I've decided to further develop my interest into career. Therefore in 2013, I have determined to pursue Master studies in Music Education. I also became a part time piano tutor and coupled with my amiable and bubbly character; my students found the fun and joy in playing classical piano when attending lessons with me.

From 2014 onwards, I have been working as a playgroup teacher as well as personal music educator. My responsibility is to design the curriculum to help the kids acquiring music concepts as well as developing as a responsive and active character in a happy and fun way. I believe that even the child has difficulty in cooperating with other kids can be reshaped under good guidance through a good music educator. The challenge of raising the kid as a well being is not easy, yet I find it extremely fascinating during the whole process and gratifying when seeing the kids made remarkable progress. This has always been my greatest motivation in maintaining my passion towards music education.

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