Belly Dance Course


Belly dance is a Western-coined name for a type of Middle Eastern dance. Originally a "solo, improvised dance involving torso articulation", belly dance takes many different forms depending on the country and region, both in costume and dance style, and new styles have evolved in the West as its popularity has spread globally.


There is a lot of health benefits of Belly Dance, such as improved posture and muscle toning; weight loss; preparation for childbirth; stress reduction


一種帶有阿拉伯風情的舞蹈,起源於中東地區,至今已成為一種較為知名的國際性舞蹈。 肚皮舞是較為女性的舞蹈,其特色是舞者隨著變化萬千的快速節奏擺動臀部和腹部,舞姿優美,變化多端,而且多彰顯阿拉伯風情,以神秘著稱。近些年,肚皮舞也作為一種深受女士喜愛的減肥方式在世界各地廣為流行。


上課需知: 適合任何人仕, 上課前1-2小時不宜吃太飽,以免因運動影響肚子會不舒服。如遲到的同學都請到旁邊先自行熱身,然後再上課,以免受傷。


上課衣著: 半截小上衣或運動型透氣上衣, 貼身透氣運動褲子, 或可穿棉質legging, 鞋子可赤腳或穿平底/舞蹈鞋。 如何喜歡也可在腰臀穿上不同顏色款式花樣閃閃的BLINGBLING 臀巾, 可令自己跳起舞來更漂亮。


  • Duration: 60 mins. per lesson

  • Fee: HK$ 168 per lesson