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Disney Guest Tutor

Vaniece Fu

Vocal Class Instructor

Singing is a dialogue with your inner self as well as an effective communication channel. Lyrics, together with a melody, arouse emotion and create a great song.

My childhood was occupied by competitions: Music Festivals, unending singing contests. It occurred to me that music was tedious and a tool for gaining marks. Since I developed my interest in language, I obtained a Bachelor of English Communication from University of Central Lancashire in 2015.

As a current master student in Language Studies at the City University of Hong Kong, I understand how important language is for communication and childhood development. I look back and reflect upon the essence of music. Indeed, music is the most beautiful language, and lyrics is the soul. In 2015, I passed ABRSM Grade 8 in Singing with flying colours. This exam was not stressful as I finally found the deepest meaning of singing. I would like to inspire children with my passion for music. In my two-year singing teaching, what makes me delighted is the time when children enjoy this language. They can truly express their feelings and emotions through singing.

Music should never be a matter of exam or competition. Music is about intrapersonal dialogue and interpersonal communication. I would like to be the one to make a difference and provide a second chance for children to find the joy in music.


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