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Disney Guest Tutor

Yip Yi Ting 

MuShakes Class Instructor

Piano Adventure Class Instructor

Piano Instructor


Yi Ting is very passion in teaching young children; she has many years of teaching experiences including piano teaching, children piano class as well as children’s playgroup.  She enjoys creating her own teaching materials for her students to be use in class.  She is very lively in teaching with good facial expressions to children.


Yi Ting passed ABRSM Gr.8 piano in 2011 and Elementary Accordion in 2013.  She attended “Creative Music Teaching Workshop” in 2014.


Yi Ting’s motto is “Using lively expression techniques, lead the children into the colorful world of music.”






伊婷的教學理念是 “帶領孩子們進入音樂的繽紛世界。”

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