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Disney Guest Tutor

Ren Galarroza

Zumba Instructor


Ren started his dancing career when he joined as an Ambiance Performer in a famous theme park in the Philippines for 7 years performing Latin, Brooklyn, Futuristic and Victorian style of dances.  He then got a great opportunity to be part of the opening theme of Parade Dancers in Hong Kong Disneyland in 2005.  Interacting with the guests & having fun dancing with them made him decide to work full time as a Fitness instructor in 2011.  Currently, he is working in Regal Airport Hotel as a Hotel Ambassador & a Certified Zumba Instructor for part time.

Ren has a passion for helping people of all sizes and backgrounds to feel good about themselves.  He is very energetic and funny.  He looks forward to dancing, sweating and most of all, having FUN with all of you!

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