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Tori Suen

Classical Flute Instructor

Classical Piano Instructor



Suen Ching, Tori
Tori learnt the piano as a young girl, and the flute since in secondary school. After attaining  ATCL diploma in piano recital and Grade 8 Certificate in Flute from ABRSM, she takes lessons from Mr. Hui Chung Fat to pursue her piano study. She is experienced in piano and flute public performance, as well as piano accompaniment in different occasions, including choirs, Hong Kong School Music Festival, insturmental examinations of ABRSM and concerts. 

'Feel the music by heart' is Tori's motto that she always wants to share with her students. To her, 'having an open heart' is the first step of learning music, so as to enjoy it through appreciation. Besides, perseverance  is essential to the development of fundamental skills for a performer. Finally, the confidence of sharing music in front of people will be built up through regular and comprehensive training. With these three teaching principles, Tori hopes that she can help students to find their lifelong passion in music apart from obtaining certificates.  


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