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“Piano Adventure”Children's Music Class



This course was based according to child psychology, through a series of musical adventure activities, including keyboard skills development through fun-filled songs, rhythm games and technique activities. To lay a good foundation for children to learn instruments. 


We advocate piano study not only for personal expression and performance success, but also as a vehicle for the student's creative and cognitive development.



Piano Adventure”教材系列由美國著名的音樂教育家Randall Faber及Nancy Faber撰寫,他們的教學理念不僅訓練學員演奏及表現自己,更於學習過程中引導他們發展創意及自我認知∘



  • Age: 3.5 – 5

  • 9 semesters in 3 levels, 10 lessons per semester

  • 60 mins. per lesson (Group), 30 mins. per lesson (Individual)

  • Text books included (Lesson Book, Writing Book)

  • Certificate will be issued on completed each level from the author  

  • Concert and graduation ceremony at the end of each level

  • Fee: HK$ 2,100 per semester 



Wing Chau

Yi Ting

Minus Cheng

Atis Chan

Celina Liu

Molly Yip


What will we do in lesson:

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