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Music needs movement, Movement needs music...


Here at POINTES, we aim to provide first class ambience for our students. We believe a good ambience can enhance positive emotions. In a busy city like Hong Kong, learning dance, music and arts provide a much needed balance in reducing stress. This is important for adults and children alike. POINTES has the unique advantage of providing an ideal learning environment in the New Territories. Here at the POINTES Tsing Yi campus, we have a 500 plus square feet dancing room; colorful and spacious music room for music playgroup, plus a relaxing and open reception. Quality is paramount at POINTES. We use impact-resistant, antistatic and hygienic flooring with EN standard Belgium flooring, because we care about the hygiene.  The dance room is equipped with UK imported dance mat by Harlequin Floors.


Here at POINTES Musique et Danse, we believe Music needs movement & Movement needs music.  Music and movement inspire imagination in children. Our specially tailored sensory-motor activities foster creativity and competence.  Music and movement learning tap into multiple intelligence. Children can enhance self-esteem, improve motor skills and other executive functions.  It is with this vision in mind that POINTES Music and Dance school was established.

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