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Hip-Hop Dance Course


Hip hop is a dance style, usually danced to hip hop music, that evolved from the hip hop culture. The first dance associated with hip hop was breakdancing. While breakdancing consists primarily of moves executed close to the ground, the majority of hip hop moves are done standing up. Hip hop is a very energetic form of dancing. It is unique in that it allows its dancers to perform with freedom of movement, adding in their own personalities


Basic hip-hop dance steps include the shoulder blow, the chest pop, crisscrosses and a basic jump out step. Combine basic moves to create a hip-hop routine with an experienced instructor.Because of this development, hip-hop dance is practiced in both dance studios and outdoor spaces.



Hip-Hop Kids


Age:  4+

Duration: 45 mins. per lesson

Fee: HK$ 168 up (per lesson)


Hip-Hop Dance


Age:  13+

Duration: 60 mins. per lesson

Fee: HK$ 168 per lesson (promotional Price)



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