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Jazz Dance Course


Jazz dance is a classification shared by a broad range of dance styles. Before the 1950s, jazz dance referred to dance styles that originated from African American vernacular dance. Jazz dance was an integral part of jazz until the end of the swing era in the late 1940s.[1] In the 1950s, a new genre of jazz dance — modern jazz dance— emerged, with roots in Caribbean traditional dance. Every individual style of jazz dance has roots traceable to one of these two distinct origins. Jazz was a big hit in the early '50s and it is still a well-loved style of dance all over the world.



爵士舞動作本質自由而純樸,表演者以心靈及身體去感受, 直接把內心熱情奔放、充滿青春躍動的感受表達出來,透過舞蹈化為藝術表現出來,經常練習可達到身體放鬆及運動的效果, 也是一種發洩和表達自己情緒的好方法

爵士舞變化多端, 我們提供不同種類的爵士舞, 適合不同年齡人士學習


Free Style Jazz


Age:  4+ and Adult

Duration: 45 mins. per lesson

Monthly Fee: HK$ 168 up (per lesson)


Tutor: Chan Lee Carmen Yu

            Yoki , Teresa ShumAngel Lee

Pop Jazz Kids


Age:  4+

Duration: 45 mins. per lesson

Monthly Fee: HK$ 168 up (per lesson)


Tutor: YokiChan Lee , Michelle LeeTeresa Shum, Angel Lee

About Exam

C.S.T.D. Jazz 

(The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing)


CSTD Jazz dance combines rhythm, expression and technique with aspects of a variety of popular and street music, using the body as an instrument to interpret the various styles.

Forms of Jazz include the rhythmic and stylish Modern Jazz, incorporating lyrical and contemporary styles and the classical lines of Jazz Ballet.The CSTD Modern Jazz syllabus was conceived and developed by prominent Australian dance educators, Sandra Breen and Rachelle Conroy in association with many of Australia’s leading choreographers.

This complete training system in jazz dance, combines strength, flexibility and jazz technique with elements. 



A.T.O.D. Jazz 

(Australian Teachers of Dancing)


A.T.O.D. Ltd have developed a unique approach to educating our students in a classroom environment. Jazz is a continually changing and evolving genre encompassing many styles such as Broadway, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Funk and Lyrical to name a few.

Our new and innovative system of training encompasses all styles from foundation Jazz to the very latest moves. The focus and continuity of the jazz class and the training and development of your students does not need to change in order to prepare students for examinations. This is the Complete Jazz Class Syllabus!



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